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Curtains down.

I’d never known this sensation.

When your heartbeat is so strong that you can’t hardly hear anything else. When you want to scream until your voice is gone. When it gets harder and harder to breathe, and you think you are going to faint, and you can’t neither eat, nor sleep. When you know there are millions of people in the world, but you don’t care because you only want one.

Kinda strange.

Never felt like this before. People say I’ll be OK, but that’s because they don’t have any idea of how much I love you. People say I’ll find someone better, but I don’t want someone better. I want you.

But that’s the way things are. I have to tell myself: don’t panic. Don’t freak out. Just “keep calm and carry on”. It’s the only way left, anyway.

You probably don’t remember it, but you made me promise I would love you forever, and I don’t like to break my promises.

Sad to start a blog with these feelings inside, isn’t it?

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